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CONTACT: anzujaamu@gmail.com

An apricot who has a passion for cute/creepycute fashion (◡ω◡✿)
Call me Anzu!


Aaaaaand finally, Anzu is here! (She’s an apricot girl!!)

This project is not only my first design, and also our first collaboration with Edniz! We are planning on working together more in future, this is only the beginning. But it’s very special to us. We both worked hard on it, hope you like it!

It is my dream to study fashion and design and start my own fashion line in future. It wasn’t an easy decision to make and I struggled a lot to make my parents accept it. I still haven’t achieved my dream though, I must work hard for it! I have so many options and I will make my decisions when the time comes. Then we will see what happens!

Since my name is “anzujaamu” which means “apricot jam” in English, I was inspired by apricots when I designed this outfit. And I really love Madoka’s design, so her shoes and poofy skirt was inspired from the series as well. (I also wish I was a magical girl orz)

Also, recognize the details on her wristcuffs? That’s our star beaded friendship bracelets with Edniz, heehee. ; v ;

Anyway! I will be designing more for Anzu in future but that’s all for now. Sorry for making you wait for a long time♡!

Designed by anzujaamu
Illustrated by edniz



Choi Ara and Yeo Hyewon by Lee Seungyeop for Ceci Korea Feb 2014

Camera: iPhone 5

Aperture: f/2.4

Exposure: 1/30th

Focal Length: 2mm



Very messy makeup+forgotten lip tint, sorry. orz

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